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What is Write Club

Write Club, Hyderabad is the one-stop meetup group in the laid-back city of Hyderabad that will awaken your story from its slumber. Writing doesn't have to be all by oneself. We welcome anyone who writes, regardless of genre, language or format.
We help you pen your thoughts, spill your mind and finally make an appointment with the writer in your head. We conduct that foster writing. Our aim is to help writers reach their goals in a supportive, collaborative, social setting.

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Membership and Participation

Membership is open to all those who have a flair for writing – regardless of language, age, genre, style or discretion of writing.

Each participant is free to attend 3 meetups of Write Club. This gives the participant clear know-how on the meetup and initiative.

Further to the 3rd meetup, the participant should be a member to attend further meetups.

How can you be a Write Club Member?

  1. Fill in the form on the below link: Registration Form
  2. Pay the membership fee on the link (or by cash)Payment Gateway

Registration Fee: Rs. 250 ONLY (per annum)

(less than Rs. 5 per meetup)

If you wish to donate for the initiative, further – please use the link: Donate to Write Club

...what we do


Writing doesn't have to be all by oneself. We welcome anyone who writes, regardless of genre, language or age. We have members writing novels, short stories, poetry, screenplays, essays, school reports and more. We conduct free, weekly events that foster writing.

When does it happen: Every Saturday

What we do, basically:
One of the members of Write Club (anyone with a participation count over 2 consecutive meetups) hosts a session. They bring with them a theme, a writing plan and exercises. We all then write to the host's prompts and guidelines for about an hour. We read out our write-ups, based on the writer's discretion and obtain feedback and critique on them.

Please arrive 10-15 minutes earlier to the proposed meetup time. The event host will lead the session, as part of which we will write for an hour. Following that, there will be a session of reading and constructive critique (optional as per member discretion). Members often learn about each other's writing styles, verbosity, creative understanding and tips to better. Members are encouraged to share experiences & ideas. After the session, we network and socialise.

Any pre-requisites:
Entry is open and welcome. Bring your writing devices and we're all set! We promise to provide you with good coffee and a super-creative conversation.

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We publish an anthology, every year with the best works of our writers and release it as an independent publication on Kindle and Paperback versions:

3 PM Tales (Anthology Book 3), 2018:
Imagination to Introspection, Art to Journals, 3 PM Tales is a collection of stories and reflections by a group of writers from diverse backgrounds. This book is an ode to all the wonderful and creative thoughts that sailed endlessly each Saturday, on a mellow, tree-hugging terrace at Lamakaan. Each writer featured in this book holds a unique voice. Every page you flip promises to surprise. Relive a fond or long-lost memory. Be happily transported into a new world. We welcome you savour the flavours of our 3 PM Tales. Best served with hot chai and tasty samosas.
Kindle: https://www.amazon.in/dp/B07M68DV27
Paperback: https://imojo.in/writeclubhyd

Encounters (Anthology Book 2), 2017:
'Encounters' stands as an ode to all those first steps that were hesitantly, yet bravely taken. This is a book that documents all those moments when for buts, ifs, whats and hows have been silenced. A compilation of 10 wonderful write-ups by writers and poets of Write Club Hyderabad, decorated into an anthology called 'Encounters'
Kindle: https://www.amazon.in/dp/B077G851W2
Paperback: https://imojo.in/73e6xd

Of Blood and Ink (Anthology Book 1), 2016:
'Of Blood and Ink' is a compilation of ten exciting, and diverse short stories of people and places bound together by the spills of destiny. The anthology speaks of the mind-numbing pathos of fictional characters who have drowned deep in the valleys of blood and ink.
Kindle: https://www.amazon.in/dp/B01DY9BRKA
Paperback: https://imojo.in/a2k7tf

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