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‘Encounters’ is a collaborative anthology of 9 unheard, unknown and surreal first meetings. Encounters is a compilation of articulations from some of the best writers at Write Club Hyderabad. These emerged from the times when 9 creative heads converged for a taste of madness. Each story is a world on its own, rollicking in a blend of emotions.

Encounters is our second anthology, in 2 years. Encounters is a collective effort by 9 of our most phenomenal writers, an amazing support team and a lot more people that have worked behind names, covers and midnight oils. ‘Encounters’ stands as an ode to all those first steps that were hesitantly, yet bravely taken. This is a book that documents all those moments when for buts, ifs, whats and hows have been silenced. Encounters is about all those fearless moments when we braved logic and prejudice and stood tall in the face of a storm – all because our heart wanted to.

Boxed In: MD Sarfaraj Alam:

Alam is a quintessential dreamer and a uniquely positive individual. He believes in the power of the pen to change the world and build a better society. He writes on a plethora of topics that impact each genre of versatile literature. Alam seeks solace in the words of Hariwansha Rai Bachchan. Nature, slice of life and gothic literature are his forte.

Death’s Bargain: Sumant Agnihotri:

Sumant is a combination of a philanthropist and a writer. An avid reader, a book-lover and an ardent literature fanatic, Sumant derives his inspiration from authors like Jules Verne, Isaac Asimov, Alfred Hitchcock, Agatha Christie and the like.

Life’s little Ironies: Pompi Basumatary:

Pompi believes in the therapeutic potential of writing. She is an ardent book-lover and an avid reader. Her stories and poems derive their inspirations not just from famous authors but also from the day-to-day slices of life that often are neglected. She believes in the idea that the world deserves and demands to be adorned in words.

The Trip: Hiranmayee SaiPriya:

Hiranmayee’s stories pride on being the mirror that the world needs today. Her characters often portray a distinctive integrity, a charming persona and a relentless urge for betterment, much like herself. She derives her inspirations from the works of authors such as Arundhati Roy. When she’s not putting her worlds out on paper, she’s painting one, reading of one, singing about one or creating one.

The Vroom of Kakra: Arun Vasireddy:

Arun is an unstoppable bundle of positivity compressed and packed into one multi-talented individual. He is an engineer, a trekker, a travel enthusiast and beyond all, a passionate naturalist. He lives life to the fullest and beyond and believes that writing is the only and true expression of life. His works revolve around life, the world, nature and experiences. He derives his inspirations from the works of Gerald Durrell, Wilfred Thesiger, and the like

Hippie Dancing: Pushkin’s Hair (pseudonym):

This author believes in writing as the truest form of expression for life. Poetry, Art and Story Telling stand to be the author’s biggest forte. With impactful stories and heart-warming poems that transform into the curves and crevices on the reader’s emotions, this author has a flair of holding conversation even through silences.

Ouroboros: Rebecca Vedavathy:

Rebecca is a devoted reader, an obsessive bibliophile, a creative enthusiast and a phenomenal writer. Like the first spell of rain in the monsoons, her works reek of a natural essence. Her versatility with genres stands as her biggest strength in writing. Rebecca derives her inspirations from award winning authors like Haruki Murakami and John Irving.

The Star Formations: Subha N Nivedita:

For Nivedita, creative writing is all about joyful expedition. She is a treasure trove of ideas and dreams. She works full-time at a Publishing House and also freelances for many reputed publications. Nivedita’s works are an archetypal experience. Nivedita has also started several initiatives across the country and on the internet to benefit the greater cause of writing.

Ajay visits the Looney Bin: Gautam Emani:

Gautam is a versatile and erudite writer. He holds an MFA in Creative Writing (Fiction) from New Mexico State University and is pursuing Creative Writing as a profession for many years. He also taught and guided multiple students towards the art of creative writing by building great latitude for the written word. Compassionate stories are his forte and he writes without the hinges of apprehension.

We hope that you find your encounter with our book, absolutely delightful.


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