3 PM Tales – 2018 Anthology

3 PM Tales is a collection of stories and reflections by the writers
of Write Club Hyderabad. It marks the third anthology released independently by Write Club Hyderabad.

The group meets every Saturday where the writers are encouraged to experiment with form and content, to give and receive criticism. This book is an ode to all the creative thoughts that sailed endlessly each Saturday, on a mellow, tree hugging terrace at Lamakaan.

Where to buy:

Kindle: https://tinyurl.com/3pmkindle
Paperback: https://tinyurl.com/3pmpaperback

The Book Launch


We would like to express our gratitude to the many people who saw us through this book; to all those who provided support, talked things over, read, wrote, offered comments, allowed me to quote their remarks and assisted in the editing, proofreading and design.

Thank you, to each and every one of the authors for devoting their time and effort towards this book. This book would not have been possible without you.

Thank you, Meeta Kapoor for your wonderful artworks and for your commitment to this collaboration.

Thank you, Sangeeta Aisola for all the valuable help in editing and proofreading the manuscript.

Special Thanks to Nagarjuna Reddy, Balaji Enterprises for your support in the development of this book.

Throughout the process of bringing this book out, many individuals from the community have taken time out to help us out. Thanks to the Write Club Community as a whole for actively participating in the feedback, activities and contributions for this book.

We raise a toast to every single Saturday General Meetup that was ever held and will be held for Write Club Hyderabad.
Relive a fond or long-lost memory. be happily transported into a new world. We welcome you to savour the flavours of our 3 PM Tales. Best served with hot chai and tasty samosas.

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