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Black Gold

Nirvana Laha/ May 21, 2017/ Writers Archive/ 1 comments

Author: Nirvana Laha As I stepped out of my house to go to the market, I spotted it just outside the gate of my garden. It was lying there forlorn, a thing of great beauty. Even from a distance, you could

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The List

Hiranmayee SaiPriya/ February 17, 2017/ Writers Archive/ 0 comments

Author: Hiranmayee SaiPriya As I sat on the platform waiting for the next local, a hawker came up to me. While I was still considering whether or not to eat junk, my stomach growled loudly, still mad at me for having skipped

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Prague in ’68

Write Club Team/ January 29, 2017/ Writers Archive/ 0 comments

Author: Gautam Emani   Evzen recounted, “The commissar came to the peasant and asked him how the potato crop had been that year. The peasant replied that it had been good. The commissar then asked how good it had been. the

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