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One of the members of Write Club (anyone with a participation count over 2 consecutive meetups) hosts a session. They bring forth a theme and writing exercises. We all then write to the host’s prompts and guidelines for about an hour. Once we’re done writing, we read out our write-ups (optional). We also exchange feedback and constructively critique each other’s works. Entry is free, anyone with an interest in writing can walk in. Bring your writing devices and we’re all set! We promise to provide you with good coffee and a super-creative conversation. We have Write Club sessions every alternate Saturday afternoon from 3 to 6 PM at Lamakaan, Hyderabad

In this concept workshop, we explore how simple observations of people around us shape our distinct perspective. We ask questions such as “What makes this young man sitting in front of me look anxious – Is it his clenched fist or his knitted brow?” We see people around us and try to read what makes them – them. The workshop begins with a brief journey of the location, and the group split to identify subjects. Then we proceed with interactive exercises. 

The participants are encouraged to fill a template with their perspective. To conclude, we share our observations with the group. The experience is open and enriching for participants of all age groups across all demographics. Defying the mechanics of daily life, the participants will have a digital disconnect and observe to appreciate their social surrounding, at the moment. Characters Go will be taking the participants through an enriching experience.

Christopher Anand leads the way for this thread.

We usually recognize a busy road with smoke, vehicles and noise, but it could also be the aroma of street food, age-old shops across and many neglected artifacts. We walk across a place often not realizing the essence of the place, entirely. The imagery, the elements, the people and the mood define the unique perspective of a place.

In this workshop, we realize the setting we’re in, across places to  map their take through observational experience. The  workshop begins with a guided journey of the surroundings to discover every nook and corner. The participants pick their subjects, and through a course of interactive exercises, the participants will blog their experience. The participants can write poetry, prose or use any chosen form of expression. The participants then share their work with the group. Walking with Write Club is an experience that is fun and fascinating across all age groups and demographics.

Mansaa Tantravahi leads the way for this thread.

Are you a wonder kid? Do you often read? Does the idea of writing make you crack out of your imagination? Are you usually in the fandom of your favorite book heroes/heroines? And lastly, would you like to discuss your reads with some really smart fellow children of your class?

In this thread, we help children aged 8 and above as different subsets to explore reading and writing. 

And to enable this, we have our star kid, super writer – Pranav Vutukuri leading the way.

Have you been struggling to finish your novel? Is your manuscript shoved beneath layers and piles of procrastination? Are you looking for motivation to just get those chapters done with?

Remember: The purpose of a first draft is not to do it right, but to actually just get it done.

RULE: You should have finished at least 1 chapter of your upcoming Novel

Here’s another trick in the book that you can try to get it done. Join us this weekend. Let all of us unfinished-novel-writers connect and decide the best course together for us to finish our novels at least by the year end.

Yasaa Moin leads this thread

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