1. Each participant is free to attend 3 meetups of Write Club. This gives the participant a clear know-how on the meetup and initiative.
  2. Further to the 3rd meetup, the participant should be a member to attend further meetups.

Who can be a Write Club Member?

Membership is open to all those who have a flair for writing – regardless of language, age, genre, style or discretion of writing.

Why should you be a Write Club Member?

  1. To be a part of one of the fastest growing writers group in Hyderabad.
  2. To access specialised editing, review and feedback
  3. To publish your works as part of Write Club initiatives – anthologies, submissions, contests etc.
  4. To host meetups on a range of literary choices, at Write Club.
  5. To get discounts on our specialised events like workshops, programmes, mentorship events and others.
  6. To connect with like-minded individuals and develop your writing abilities.
  7. To ascertain constructive critique and feedback on your write-ups, without the fear of judgement.
  8. To be able to break the Writers’ Block
  9. To have a clear knowledge of the different types, elements, genres and styles of writing, broken down week by week.
  10. And lastly, to help us support Write Club’s expenses and thrive towards larger initiatives for the Writers of Hyderabad.

How can you be a Write Club Member?

  1. Fill in the form on the below link: Registration Form
  2. Pay the membership fee on the link (or by cash)Payment Gateway

Registration Fee: Rs. 250 ONLY (per annum)

(less than Rs. 5 per meetup)

If you wish to donate for the initiative, further – please use the link: Donate to Write Club

(We maintain complete transparency with respect to our expenses. Please click here to know our charter)

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