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The Writer Of Marwadi Lane

Aparna Malladi/ November 22, 2017/ Writers Archive/ 0 comments

My good great grand aunt Savitri died a spinster. She was in love with a rich man who owned the big house in Marwadi Lane in Tenali. He adorned her with jewelry from his store and hired a full-time masseuse to

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The Infidel Pen

Write Club Team/ December 19, 2016/ Writers Archive/ 0 comments

Author: Alam Meetup – Theme/Number/Host: The Infidel Pen/#067/Alam   It was a lackluster pen, simply signifying its incessant usage. At least that is how she felt as she picked up the pen- a pen, an old one that had lost its shine.

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Maia goes Birding

Write Club Team/ December 17, 2016/ Writers Archive/ 0 comments

Author: Arun Vasireddy Meetup – Theme/Number/Host: Stream of Consciousness/#074/Maia   Walking in, Purple Bauhinia. A carpet of flowers made by little Sunbirds peeling off delicate petals. Must be pollen in the air, cannot see them though – invisible but to the nose.

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