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Getting Wet

Christopher Anand/ August 15, 2017/ Writers Archive/ 1 comments

Editors Note: Please proceed with discretion. Post contains content unsuitable for impressionable children under the age of 16. Author: Christopher Anand I clutched the Cosmopolitan and made my way upstairs. Mother and Father were away, Sister was fondling the phone receiver

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Christopher Anand/ August 15, 2017/ Writers Archive/ 0 comments

Author: Christopher Anand We were a gigantic group of fifteen. The city bored us to death. A couple of ours had already killed themselves. For a different reason. They were twins and they used twine to hang themselves. I remember thinking

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Little Ming

Write Club Team/ May 2, 2016/ Writers Archive/ 0 comments

’You can live without money, you can even go hungry. But you cannot live without a friend.’ That’s what my dad said before putting the dog into my unsuspecting arms. I nearly dropped him, when I felt his puppy paws on

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