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The Writer Of Marwadi Lane

Aparna Malladi/ November 22, 2017/ Writers Archive/ 0 comments

My good great grand aunt Savitri died a spinster. She was in love with a rich man who owned the big house in Marwadi Lane in Tenali. He adorned her with jewelry from his store and hired a full-time masseuse to

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Prague in ’68

Write Club Team/ January 29, 2017/ Writers Archive/ 0 comments

Author: Gautam Emani   Evzen recounted, “The commissar came to the peasant and asked him how the potato crop had been that year. The peasant replied that it had been good. The commissar then asked how good it had been. the

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Sorry for a Poem

Write Club Team/ January 15, 2017/ Writers Archive/ 0 comments

Author: Sulagna Dutta Do you know what does a mother giraffe does after her calf lands on earth? She kicks hard, the calf cries, she kicks again, the calf cries louder, and she kicks again, and the calf starts running on

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