Meetup 84: Nostalgia and Fiction

If you ever watched the old-school Batman TV show, you’ll get it. Each episode of the show featured Robin uttering a different version of the catch phrase, with an increasingly unlikely noun taking its place in the middle.

But it’s not Robin who made those off-the-wall catch phrases memorable.

It’s the nostalgia that a show of this nature still wells up in their audience to this day.

Last weekend, we had one of our regular members Kache hosting a session on Nostalgia and Fiction.

It was quite a journey down the memory lane to write. The write-ups were honest, heartfelt and hard-hitting. It was a wonderful experience altogether.

Learn more on the meetup here: WC Meetup 84

Thank you, Satish for doing such a splendid job and making us spill our creative juices.