Baby and Cookie – The Duel

Author: Rajani Mohan
Meetup – Theme/Number/Host: Person based Narratives/#63/Sravanthi


The dog was relentless. Terrorising the bird, motivated, as if he was promised a heaven of chewy bones.

Baby that was his name. An inane name for a lumbering, lazy Bullmastiff. Apparently, the human’s then girlfriend had found him cute, sleeping, and drooling like a baby when he was a pup, hence the name. There was nothing baby-like about him now, though the continuous drooling and sleeping could make you think otherwise.

Now that girlfriend was nowhere in the scene, but our dog was stuck with a cute name. Cute was not what he wanted, he saw himself as a fierce, protective warrior. In his head, it was his clever barking and running in his awake moments that kept his human safe.

Baby was happy, the world was a harmonious place – his human, the house, garden, trees, his special shrub, and even the cat, who he barely tolerated lived happily.

But the flavour of happiness doesn’t always stay as it is. Change in an evil fairy persona, garbed as the human’s current girl-interest had made her entrance. This girl did not like any four-legged creature, talk about bias! Baby tried his charms on her, by jumping up and placing his paws on her shoulder, and then going on to wipe her face clean of make-up, slobbering enough saliva to make the rains proud.

What did he get for all his efforts? A shriek that made him momentarily deaf, the evil fairy pushed him off and stumbled and landed on her unsubstantial rear-end.

“I hate dogs” she wailed “you have to get rid of him, baby”

Baby was confused; Who was she asking him to get rid of? The human hearing the commotion came rushing to help the evil fairy get up and then instead of laughing and rewarding Baby, looked at him angrily and shooed him.

‘Shoo!’ who says that to a ferocious warrior, wondered Baby. Shaking his head dejectedly at the sheer stupidity, Baby silently slunk away.

After close furtive watch, with aid of his close ally things became clear as the days progressed. Baby was informed that evil fairy wanted to replace him with Cookie. No, not the cookie that you ate though that would help – no day-dreaming of the types of cookies now.

Cookie was the name the evil fairy had given to a bird she was fond of feeding cookies to and was looking to domesticate. So far, the bird had resisted the overtures, just flying into peck cookies when it felt like. But since the last few days, there was a pattern emerging. Cookie was always around the house, perching on the nearby tree and window sills.

Baby’s ally had confirmed that Cookie was planning to roost here and once that happens Baby will be in the doghouse- literally and figuratively.

Now, this was an existential crisis for Baby and brought out all his dormant fierce warrior-ness, Cookie did not know what she was up against. Baby saw this as the mother of all battles. Good vs Evil. Independence Day and what-not.

To cut matters short and avoid frightening you too much, with images of bloodshed, ripped feathers, torn marrows, and broken beaks – that dominated Baby’s walking and sleeping life, we will come to the climax.

Irritated by the constant stalking, barking, growling, chirping, and whistling our two protagonists’ set-up a duel to decide matters once and for all. The wager was that if Baby managed to keep Cookie out of the house, yes the huffy had dared to venture into the house by now, he would win, and Cookie will steer clear of Baby’s domain, house, human, and even the evil fairy.

The day of the duel finally came. I would like to say the sun rose brightly on a momentous day, but no, that wasn’t the case, it was a dull monotonous day just like the previous day. Baby, advised by his sly ally, planned his move – moving, crawling, leaping, and barking to strike terror in Cookie. Cookie could not fathom how the dumb canine figured out battle stratagem, but she was getting exhausted. Since day break, she was unable to rest and perch at anyplace for long. This was just not worth it. As dusk drew near, Cookie hopped away from the house. The last image she saw was the dog wagging the tail on his way into the house. Then nothing. Cookie disappeared.

That was the end of one of Baby’s adventure. Mission accomplished. Baby won this battle. He is secure now and I am happy.

Who am I? I am Queen – the cat. Baby’s battle strategist, trusted ally if you believe it. I don’t eat family but I did have a ken for Cookie, resting in my belly now.

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