On a friend’s suggestion she decided to take one of the pain relieve pills to ease her headache which has been fucking up her nerves for the last few days. She tried to sleep, but the last few days have been spend in a state of pain induced living, with pain taking over her waking hours and when she tries to sleep the pain wouldn’t let her rest. These throbbing pulls of nerves in her head were as cold to her as the oxymoronic December summer. Because there is no summers in winter and pain gets an easy upper hand over other bodily sensations. The numbness here is too cold, brutal and hard to survive.

As the lids drooped, the bizarre noise of the outside world slowly turned into a confounded jumble of sounds and noises of girls talking in the next room, floor or some distant demonic laughter from the ground floor, they are the inseparable parts of living in a hostel life. She receives a call from her father, she mumbles in a pre-recorded tone, yes she had her food, the day was fine and she was busy working. There happens a slight shift in the atmosphere. Something disturbs her mind and she could feel the old tense again in the air. The cold vibes and the jabbing chill of the air makes her breathe go slower and she could hear her own heartbeat that was frantically struggling to keep her alive. The ground was slopping down like a mudslide, she suddenly recalled her witness of huge elephants from her childhood days as they were motioning on, raising their foot in a one-two tap work to crush the houses during eviction. Thud and thud the footsteps enlarge fast. The foots were progressing fast towards her, she was trying to run as fast as she could, but a sudden realisation came that she was sleeping with her legs crawled inside like a foetus and this makes running difficult in the dreams.

There is a swirl and the ground like a carpet pulls off her legs and the running legs dangle through the air and try hard to connect to the ground or water to feel grounded again in a situation where the world tragically pulls itself off from her existence. However, the only surviving hope in that dark dismal dream of a world was a broken string rope from a bridge which had broken off in the middle disconnecting the two cliffs. She saw her familiar friend again from another dream and her lover was aside too. The slightly bruised face of her old friend and confidant resurfaces again to bring her out of her desolation. After some struggle she catches hold of her extended hand and with help from the prince they pull her out of the cliff. The numbness from the fall wears off as fast as the pain crept into her heart and crawled into her soul. I happily embrace my childhood friend who I had struggled hard to help in escaping from her desolate home and float her being in the loving arms of her love. Tears of joy are exchanged and I didn’t want to let go off that warmth from our embrace. But the smile slowly jabbed her nerves again as she could feel her blood boil in her temples and in a feat she faints off the grounds, the cliffs, and the sea. The pressure of the fall hits her spine and everything goes numb, dark and black.

Author: Pompi Basumatary

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