Centipede – Part Six

Previously on the series: Part 5 


26 year old Esther, spoke the last command. The blinking screen went off, wishing her goodnight, and the LED lights all over her compact eight hundred square feet apartment, went dim. The night mode also included soft instrumental music over her music system. Today was Jazz. Top jazz tracks from all over the world would get automatically added and played. They would further be randomized based on her ‘ involvement levels’ silently monitored by NFC sensor tags installed within the walls. Everything could be stored and a pattern could be established. As long as it didn’t make decisions for her, she thought to herself. As the beer in her hand started to weigh less, she heard a door beep.

Keigo had searched through files. What ever he knew, about Raiden, had been erased in his mind. The databases however couldn’t be tampered. Not without an access ID at least. That thought stopped him for a moment. Did Raiden have the power to peek into his mind, and find every guarded secret that he had? He contacted the administrative hub, and got his thoughts cleared out. Before leaving for Kyoto, he had logged in and deleted all the files on the investigation. Ofcourse he knew. He did it. The Devil had controlled him and destroyed every progress. That is when his search for a shadow began. A random unconnected colleague to trail him and keep safe his discoveries. Someone who was smart yet unassuming. Keen yet unpredictable. Quick yet poised. Someone who could be him, without ever being him. That’s when he found Esther, a 26 year old Hong Kong born Academy passout. Now that he had found her, and she fitted the bill perfectly for him. All that was required by him was to forget her. If the devil, Raiden even got a whiff of her, she would suffer the most gruesome death ever. And therefore he would’ve have to forget her as soon as he got her on board. That was essential.

Esther walked to the door and held her finger on the dock. The biometric matrix analysed her fingerprints momentarily, and turned green. A digital panel, resembling a surface tablet  emerged out of the dock. The feed of person on the other side of the door, got relayed on the surface tablet. A young handsome man, with his forehead bruised and his cheeks turned red appeared.
” Who is this ? ” Esther spoke at the dock
” Uhh..Hii..” The Man looked confused till he found the camera recording him planted atop the steel door
” Who is this? ” a speaker attached right below the camera let out
” I..am.. I’m sorry.. I needed to make a phone call ” the young hurt man replied, indicating his bruise with his right hand.
” Can I see some ID ?” The stern voice of a detective spoke
” Uh.. Yeah.. Yeah.. Sure.. My name is Raiden and.. this is me..” He clumsily pulled out his wallet and showed his Citizen Unique ID.
” OK. You May Come In ” Esther said, as the door camera continuously clicked the pictures of her wounded visitor. Something was odd about him, and her instinct felt cautious. Something was different about the wound…
(To be continued)

Copyright/Author: Siddharth Naidu
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