Centipede – Part Five

Previously on the series: Part Four


”So that’s what I can do“, the handsome young man spoke to the struggling Detective. The ageing Starton Courage recipient, had been discovered fifteen minutes ago, in the men’s restroom. He was thoroughly shaken up and utterly disoriented. He was then carried to a secluded room on the top floor of the villa, by five men clad in white and blue checkered uniform. Evidently, they were the staff of Geniko Seryon, the pharmaceutical kingpin. Therefore this was The Lotus Villa in Kyoto. Keigo could only figure out that much from what his whimpering mind could fathom, as he lay on a soft bed in a dimly lit room. The staff left him to push through his lone wandering, when in the shadows he heard someone speak moments later. A voice, which meant a fading face in a smoked up memory.

”So that’s what I can do” the voice showed its form. A handsome young man with striking eyes, who seemed to offer him ridicule and pity.

”Who… What?” Keigo struggled in his bed. He couldn’t place him, but there was undeniable rage surging through his veins, towards that man. He wanted to get up, grab that smirking face, and hit his head to the wall till his skull broke into pieces. He had to do it, without the whys.

”Let me reintroduce myself, Sir. I’m Raiden. I’m from nowhere. I’m no one. I’m just the man you were searching for. I’m the man you caught”. He dragged a stool from under the bed and sat beside Keigo.

”Shut Up… Please… Shut Up…” Keigo’s swiveling mind started to fix upon a very relieving idea. To kill the man. Simple.

” You met Tereniko, in her mansion. What was it called…? Moon Dance? Yes, Yes… So coming back… You found her, she led you to me, and you caught me here, right? Right in the middle of that vase auction. That was, quite… ” He continued calmly

”STOP…” Keigo tried to get up. Something was wrong. He hadn’t lost his legs. Just the will to get them to stand.

”Quite frankly embarrassing… Soldier, at ease. You don’t remember anything… Obviously… Don’t struggle too hard… You’ll end up losing sanity” Raiden leaned towards the unchained captive. Keigo breathed heavily trying to control the anger in him.

”But you know what… You can’t blame me. I’m just good with what I do. Respected Sir, I actually told you all this before, a couple of hours back. And you refused to believe me. Humans are strange. Visual conformity is something that they survive on. See what it took from you. Rather taking… Your mind” Raiden stood up and adjusted his shirt. Keigo put in all the effort he could to try and get up, but it wasn’t happening. The sheer helplessness of it was driving him mad. Raiden checked his watch, smiled and hit the police officer on his face with his right fist. Keigo screamed in pain.

”You will remember this for eternity. This memory of yours will not dare to fade away. And you know what, forget the anger. It does no good to either of us” he spoke, before walking away towards the door. And suddenly, amongst the bleeding nose and his scrambling brain, he found his anger dissolve into something good. Something pleasant. Every happy memory he had, started taking form in his head. Of his father in a rice farm, of his sister building a sand castle, to jubilation, to victory, to colorful homes – everything. But he didn’t want to be happy. His brain relaxed and his legs started to move. He got up and walked to the window beside his bed. Had he solved everything and ended up with nothing? Even that he couldn’t remember. He knew the man. That he knew. Intuition perhaps. But he knew nothing else. How could he catch someone, he could never remember anything about.

He thought hard to find a way around it. There had to be some evidence somewhere. The pretty boy would’ve been arrogant and careless, at some point. He couldn’t even curse the one who hurt him. One thing was sure he had to find him and his possible slip but then it struck him. He couldn’t find it. He could be seen by Raiden and everything would go waste. He would end up in a bed much like this one, with no clue what had happened. Then as he looked beyond the glassy captivity, he saw something. An idea. He would track him down. That was sure. But he wanted another set of eyes. Someone who could trail the ageing Detective and validate his findings. He needed a Shadow…

(To be continued)

Copyright/Author: Siddharth Naidu
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