Centipede – Part One

……. At this moment, as you can see, there’s a lot of debris behind me, the building collapsed on itself, and.. And… The casualties at this point of time….

…….We are talking 36 dead and more than a hundred injured. A tragic loss no doubt, and we still are unsure as to what caused the Zeplon building to collapse. Police have denied….

………. An exclusive statement by a well informed source indicates a situation which unconditionally rejects any terrorist outfits being involved at all. The foundations are being analysed, as we speak for any sort of.. detriment…

5 Years Later……

” I love this city, you know, for its laid back nature, it’s just wonderful that ways ” she deftly sliced the custard pie in front of her. For Raiden however the city was chaotic. Filled with unintelligent chatter. Empty minds made much noise. Sadly, She seemed no different
” Is Moscow better than here, this time of the year ? ” he asked calmly,  swivelling his wine glass ever so slightly. He always liked Red Wine for some reason. Reminded him of her and Christmas. It was the only drink perhaps to have a self explanatory name. Much like orange was orange.
” Oh Moscow is wonderful. Apart from winters which go to the negatives, summers are good ” Vittoria grinned. The pie tasted incredibly good. Way  better than the last time. The handsome Japanese guy in front of her wasn’t all looks afterall. She’d give him an 8 out of 10 if the date ended well. And 9 if they ended up doing something.

” I have been to Berlin on 23rd August 2034, so it’s not been very long ”
” You could have said a couple of years, you know. It’s easier to…”
” I prefer dates ” he silenced her before she could complete her thought. Odd. That was the first time he  did that tonight. She liked oddity at times.
” Tell me more about yourself ” Raiden smiled. A wonderful smile emanating warmth and child like happiness.
” Wow.. You’ve got a great smile. You should smile often..” She said collecting herself. The fork in her left hand hovering over the last piece of pie.
” Thank you. You have beautiful skin ” he said looking into her eyes. She felt a tinge of desire creeping into her. Something made him more desirable in every moment that passed.
” OK..hehe.. That’s… Thank you…” She managed to reply, as her cheeks turned a shade.
” May I….” Raiden stopped, as an uncharacteristically tall waiter approached their table. Raiden glanced at Vittoria, trying to figure out if she was going to order further. That would mean another hour of idiotic chatter.
” May I suggest a quick splendid strawberry kopleri waffle, it is one of our best sellers madame ” The waiter asked as he ran his fingers over his tablet. Waiters. Orders. That’s what they were supposed to do. He was therefore a good man.
” Thank you. We would like to pay though ” Raiden declared, closing out a window for Vittoria. He didn’t have much time.
” Yes, Sir. Cash or ICT?”
” 30532.62 ” Raiden said, as the waiter instantly entered the number in his tablet. He always liked how pin numbers were replaced by decimal system. It made sense. The decimal could be shifted to mean different. Variables were easy and more secure.
Raiden and his date, Vittoria walked out the Tokyo Regency, and started towards the central station. She could take the train from there.
” So, I had a wonderful time today ” Vittoria initiated the talk. The chatter.
” So did I. I was wondering if you would like to have some Queens?” Raiden slowed his walk and turned to her.
” Now? I thought we were done with wine for today ?” She giggled. Unnecessary.
” It’s not particularly Wine. I’ve got a bottle at my place. I brought it from Hong Kong ”
” And when was the date..?” She laughed now. Raiden couldn’t understand why. Was she that drunk. She couldn’t be. The pie post wine, could have diluted the effect.
” I’m sorry I don’t understand…” He slid his hand into his pants. Feeling for something.
” Nothing important. Just a joke. And yes I’d love to have Queens. Let’s go ! ”

An hour later, Raiden dragged Vittoria into the basement. Her hands tied up, her mouth gagged and her mind temporary shut down. The basement was a precisely 999 square feet, entirely made up of wood and cement. For a petite lady, she weighed heavy. With an utterly beautiful skin. He dragged her to a chair and sat her down on it. He pulled her hands, and placed them behind the chair. And sealed them. With moulding clay, later on layering them with plastic adhesives. Molten wax couldn’t never be used on her of course. That would burn her skin. No, that would be such a shame. The Basement was wonderfully quiet for the people it housed. He did the same to her legs. She couldn’t move. Until he wanted her to. She could talk of course. But then he could do without the nonsense. Then as she was properly placed, he left. In a few hours, she would wake up to darkness. And to voices. Of the other prisoners. Five of them excluding her…

( To Be Continued )

Copyright/Author: Siddharth Naidu
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