Centipede – Part Seven

Previously on the Series: Part Six

”Thank you, for letting me in ” Raiden said limping into the flat. Photos had already been clicked of him, and now the visual sensors installed were recording his gait movement. Esther stepped away from the door, and walked back into the room. Something was wrong about him. He seemed injured but for some reason he didn’t look like a victim. He limped, with a torn and bloodied jeans, and a very conceivably muddy shirt. He was mugged maybe. Or maybe it was just some fight.
”The bastards took my wallet as well ” the man said, almost startling Esther. That was after all her question.
He saw the wall mounted land phone, and swiped through a series of numbers on the metallic number panel. The woman was kind, but seemed curious. She seemed smart, yet simple. There was something about her that was convincingly attractive. He would therefore have to find her again, at some other day, and fuse off this memory. She didn’t know him, that part Raiden had confirmed, courtesy the 5 second peek into her minds memory. And what he saw was good.
The gait monitor analysed every movement, for a match. The bending of spine, the pacing of legs and the motion of his hands. Humans were always partial towards a particular side. The stance ever so slightly inclining, at that. Just the smallest degree of variance, and the gait recorder got that. And from the search results, the programmed query hit a match. Esther could hear the faint beep. She calmly pulled out a syringe filled with a concentrated sedative. He would remember her, but if he willed, she would never remember him. And that would make his revenge all the more easy. Keigo had warned her. And therefore they had changed to change everything about how this game was being played.

She pulled up her sleeve, and pierced the syringe on her forearm. Three seconds later, she collapsed on to the floor. Raiden heard a thud, as he was almost done instructing his driver on the phone to arrive at the place. He shuffled towards her, as she lay on the ground. Almost lifeless. Was she suicidal? She didn’t look like it though, neither inside or nor outside. But the breathing had stopped. Again almost. And even before Raiden could actually do anything, the sensors went crazy and shut down the doors. He was trapped. And the air suddenly started to feel thin.
The Crime control division broke down the door with a five foot long steel cylindrical barrel, and handcuffed the young man who was scrambling for air on the ground. Suspicion of murder they said out loud, and rolled him on his back. The girl beside him still lay unconscious. An empty syringe in her hand, got picked up into an evidence bag. Moments later they ushered him to an SUV. He could not make any sense of what was happening. But something else was wrong as well. He couldn’t remember the girl’s face precisely. Pink lipstick, a black checkered shirt, grey trouser but they were all colors. Her forehead, the shape of her nose, the volume of her hair, never became a memory for someone who survived on them. Confusion was never great for saving up an incident in the mind. Voices in his head which started with whispers, shrieked through the blank space as he lost his conscious in the back seat of the SUV, sandwiched between two armed men.
Keigo injected her with nano anti bots, and it was a minute later that she coughed and woke up.
” Do we have him? ” Esther mumbled as she balanced herself on the floor, and sat up.
” Temporarily yes ” Keigo handed her a glass of water, and with it a small capsule of pain killer.
” Temporarily? But ……we have enough incidence for his arrest ” she scrambled up to stand, supporting herself with a chair.
” We won’t have any, in, if I’m not wrong, 20 minutes. He would have erased every memory of what happened here.. ” Keigo answered, quietly taking out his mobile.
” Good, that we have pictures and videos of him… The feed would’ve been saved ” saying which Esther started walking towards a small room in the far corner of her sleekly designed apartment. Sad that she never lived there. She was just asked to wait for Raiden to come there. CCTVs, Gait recorders and every measure of confirming his identity had been installed. And she had been made the lure.
” That won’t work. He will have access to them. All he needs to do is talk, to the security personal guarding it and we will be done “
” Ok….Ok..Allright..But How do we catch him if he gets off the hook now? ” Esther said, a puzzled look crossing her forehead as the senior detective walked back to the door, shifting his mobile from his left hand to his right. Anytime now he thought to himself.
” We don’t have to search him….He’ll search You..!! ” Keigo closed the door behind him

Copyright/Author: Siddharth Naidu

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