Centipede – Part Two


Previously on the series: Part 1

The winter of 2036, brought with itself a slightly threatening snow cover. Wading through time, Man had far surpassed what logic and innovation could bind him with. But nature. Well, it was a totally different hurdle. Beyond anyone. Unconquerable. Condensing ice and delivering hailstorms were well within its nature. As was being twisted and genius within the nature of man. One accompanied other. The more horrendous the crime , more brilliance it involved. That was just how the nature of things were.

On one such fateful day, Yakushi, a 55 year old construction worker, drove his Zeplon made sedan, through the 37th Haiku cross roads. Japan, in his early memories was a much simpler and warmer place. Climate change they had declared eventually that had condensed life. And there after ice and snow started making sense. He signalled left, and turned into the Tokyo Azabu precinct lane. The car screeched a bit, and turned graciously into the Shibuya line, a direct pass way to the police station. Detective Kiego had called him earlier today about Yakushi’s absurd discovery. More so findings of hauntingly disturbing nature. A soft yet affirming voice, Yakushi remembered, quite unlike the usual, ruffian coarse voices he was used to at work. Yakushi drove the sedan through the toll booth, and took the underground parking lot. Circular platforms spiralling down at controlled mechanical pace. The sedan got parked in the computer generated predetermined vacant slot. No human search required
As soon as Yakushi entered the 12th floor, he was greeted by a neatly dressed man, who identified himself as Detective Kiego. He ushered him through the lobby, through the activity laden passage way. They swiftly walked past the chaotic cubicles and continuously ringing mobile phones. The Detective stopped at the glass separated debriefing room, and signalled Yakushi inside. It was apparent why he chose this. Soundproof. Everything fell silent as the Detective closed the door, pulled out a chair and took one for himself.
” Could you walk me through the incident again , Sir ?” Kiego asked putting a recording device on the table. A couple of green LEDs on it , meant it was already active.
” I reported at the construction site, near Griloko square, early yesterday..”

” Early? As in? ”
” 8…around, I think. I was checking filler dumps at the basement.. We had a project assessment due in the evening.. And so, I was checking for cement mix consistency.. ”
” You’ve been involved with Zeplon for how many years now? ”
” 8… No. No.. Almost 9 now ”
” So from before the unfortunate collapse you mean ?”
” Yes, I mean, and that time I was working in Kyoto , but yes ”
” And you have the inspections every year or project wise? ” Kiego continued pressing the remote for the heater.
” Both. Last year we didn’t have the regular. We just had the random one. But normally yes ”
” Right. Please Continue ” Kiego finally reached the temperature he wanted.
” And then in one of the dumps, I find the things that I mentioned in my report”
” Let me just read out your report, correct me if I’m wrong… Five human tongues, Five pairs of Human eye balls, and twenty human fingers, is that correct ? ”
” Yes Detective. The fingers I could see that some were of women ” Yakushi shifted in his chair. The horror of finding severed body parts would haunt him for life. He couldn’t sleep the same again.
” Seven ” Kiego answered him as he scribbled something on his tablet
” I’m sorry ? ” Yakushi asked
” Seven of women, and men. We’ve run the scans at lab. But that’s not crazy, at all ”
” Uhh? ” Yakushi gripped the chair a bit more tightly. Something told him that the severed body parts were just the beginning.
” What actually is insane is the fact that, the people to whom they belong, well, haven’t been reported as missing. They are unwilling to file a complaint at all. They claim they are entire. They say, and I quote, ‘ Being Complete is when you become God like never before ‘….” Kiego stood up, as Yakushi stared blankly outside to the chaotic offices.

Of all the faces outside swarming about in work,  only one suddenly stopped and stared back at him.  A face which looked very familiar, but there was something incredibly distant about it. Yakushi tried to remember in that waning moment, everything about this face. But five minutes past, all he could remember was, just a handsome man…


(To be continued)


Copyright/Author: Siddharth Naidu
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