Creaking Joints

Author: Maia

muscles ropey
wobbled, held
bed supports
metal struts
gritted hands
gritted teeth
you’re fine, love, lie down
no, she’s still sleeping
we’ll wheel a bed in
you’re sure you’re comfortable?
you’ll need to sign some forms
on her behalf
just a few more days
just til you can stand
here’s a vase
your husband brought them
don’t they cheer the room up
that physio
i don’t like how she looks at me
no, don’t worry about it
look, i’m sure she’s fine
second day always stings harder
strong practiced hands
she’s a physio, let her lift you
it’s normal to be tense
just this side of
can you breathe through it
do you remember the accident?
where were you at the time?
your husband brought you in
i know it’s been two weeks
but we want to make sure
it’s just routine
oh hello again
we’ll run out of vases!
yes of course you can stay
she’s still unstablewe
we just want to make sure
keep her one more week

cold eyes
rotate the joint once more
ruthless path down hips-thigh-knee-ankleankleankle-ow-stop-tears
streaking quietly don’t want to
but it wasn’t a serious accident
why isn’t my leg healing?
are you sure i can’t go home?
could i have another physio?
no, she’s completely professional
how long til her replacement comes back
from holidays?
we’ll try something different
we’re not sure why there’s still
so much pain
how did it happen?
she’s so miserable, poor thing
i thought she didn’t hurt herself too badly?
with my daughter
she was only ten days
i just don’t like the physio
no reason
no, she’s just
i don’t know why
when will the other physio come back?
i’ll put the chocolates
with the other ones
oh, from your husband?
when do you go home?
please take a seat
not improving as fast as
want to run some other tests
so many flowers
he’s good to you
wish my husband
all the time, he’s here?
you’re so lucky
we’ll schedule the third surgery
we’re hoping this time
no, we don’t know why
it shouldn’t rupture again
she’s so lucky
he’s always here
his job? oh, he makes joints
like, ones they use for implants
you know, hip replacements
wonder if he made her new ankle
used to be a chemist
his first wife died
got sick, i don’t know
so sad
she doesn’t look so good, does she

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