Dear Miss Swift by Aditi Anand

Original Artwork by Aditi Anand

Dear Miss. Swift,

“We were both young when I first saw you, I close my eyes and the flashbacks start; ”

I was 11 when I heard my best friend singing Love story. Despite mixed up lyrics and a misleading tune, I knew I loved how it was a song, but it was telling me a story. And somehow, I knew I loved the person who came up with it. Little did I know just how much she would mean to me one day.

“And I was, enchanted to meet you”

There were always certain things I was shy to say out loud, but you had my back. You whispered magical lyrics to me, and I listened, spellbound. I fell in love with the idea of love because of you. I fell in love with friendships, with making memories, and romanticising all the little things.

‘It’s nice to have a friend’

Some days you were my best friend. When I had no one to hold me close, you did with your music. My bully, my teacher who fat-shamed me, people who made me feel insignificant, their words hurt me. But listening to you was like a warm hug in a cold city. I would sing the words to ‘mean’ over and over and you would sing with me, and together, somehow, we would battle the evil in the world.

‘Soon you’ll get better’

I once met with a bad accident, and I was scared. I never said it out loud, never even whispered it to myself. But the day I returned from the hospital, I listened to your voice, on repeat, for an hour, telling me I would get better. Your voice became the little voice in my head, promising me; and giving me all the strength and comfort I needed while I healed.

‘You drew stars around my scars;’

You were with me when I felt petty and jealous. When I was angry and hurt. And especially when I was broken, and people who I thought would stay, didn’t. But you stayed. You stayed when my castles crumbled and helped me build them back, stronger than ever. You made everything better by giving me a song to go with it.

‘There was happiness because of you’

Listening to your songs, singing along and dancing around my room makes me happy. Talking to my friends about how gorgeous you are, watching my family grow tired of me rambling about your awesomeness, teaching my 6-year-old sister the lyrics to ‘willow’, it all makes me impossibly and undoubtedly the happiest.

‘Isn’t it pretty to think, all along there was some, invisible string tying you to me?’

When I watched Ms Americana, I came to understand you a little better and related to you. I believed in so many of the things you believed in. 13 was my lucky number too, especially when paired with Fridays. I had the same love for words and emotions. When people hurt you, you wrote songs, and when people hurt me, I tried turning them into stories. I felt so connected to you, and after that, there was no turning back.

‘Magic, madness, heaven, sin.’

You are all that and more, To me, you are the pinnacle of grace and badass, the pinnacle of perfection. Plus, you’re my absolute favourite person in the world.

‘Shake it off’

You’re brave, and you’re bold and I’m so proud of you. I admire how you fought through everything appalling that the world has put you through, things you didn’t deserve one little bit. You channel all your hurt into words, all your life into songs is powerful. It powers me to shake things off, powers me to build castles out of the bricks they throw at me, as you did.

‘Only the young, can run.’

And you sprinted. With your ideas, with your beliefs. I love that you stand up for what you believe in. For LGBTQ rights, for equality, for the right laws, the right policies, the right people, and as a feminist. I love that you use your voice to speak up, loud.

‘You’re a queen selling dreams’

Watching you come up with folklore and ever more, two absolute pieces of art, somehow made me believe that I could do something too. You inspire me to work hard at what I love and create something. Every time I listen, I’m reminded that art is real, that art heals, and art has meaning. You’re everything I aspire to be and more.

‘Cause I see sparks fly, whenever you smile’

Growing up listening to you, you became a tiny part of me. It excites me to watch you smile, watch you mesmerise the music industry, bag Grammys and break records, and make history. Cheering you on makes me happy and all that you are empowers me.

‘You take my hand and drag me headfirst fearless.’

You taught me to be myself and know my worth.

Fight for what I believe in. Fight for all the beautiful things in life. Stand by the people I love and the people who need it.

Create magic.

And I will. Forever and always.

Lovingly and fearlessly Yours,


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