Outer Space: by Diantha Reddy


It was the Fall of 1604. For Humans.

Aunty Corona had just had her last fit. She went ballistic when her daughter Stella let it slip that someone had called her a kleptomaniac. Poor Uncle Ischys was just reading the news about some new scientific discovery, before being bombarded with questions whose answers would’ve only made things worse.  Aunty Corona was very delicate that way. If you were to say even the tiniest thing against her, she’d make you rue the day you’d been born. She was a dwarf after all. At four foot two, she tended to reach for whatever was closest. Just because no one saw it doesn’t mean she stole it! She’d just borrow it for a little while. By the time she put it away somewhere safe, she’d be so busy cleaning up after uncle Ischys that she’d forget where anything was. Despite his mess though, she loved him dearly. You see, she never thought someone of her nature, someone so pale, and hot-headed, could ever find anyone who could be so accommodating and caring. After marriage if theirs, you could say their relationship became more co-dependent than most. They became more used to each other, and their love seemed to grow out of this habit and mundanity.

But 1604 witnessed the fall of Corona. It seemed that ‘ Klepto’s Supernova’ as the chatty locals called it, was the last straw. Her heart was so full, that it beat a beat too many.

“The excitement made it overflow,

Making her collapse stiff onto the floor—

And with her final breath

As she greeted death, she yelled

“I’m not a klepto!” ”

The local daily read. Uncle Ischys couldn’t for the life of him understand why or how a poem was better than a simple obituary with the names of the family. Of course, that would probably mean going back millennia, but it would still be better than that blasted composition! Doctors said it was her sheer mass that made her pop, but reporters trivialized otherwise. The most affected was Stella. She blamed herself for Corona’s death and went missing during the funeral. Uncle Ischys wound himself into a cocoon of grief since then. Numb to the eventual comfort of time.

Stella de Nova’s run bore one notable witness—Planet Earth. To put it in human terms, Kepler ( an interesting coincidence)  was right. Aunty Corona had caused the entire Milky Way to appear in broad daylight, right when Stella was running away, her eyes filled with tears.

Chapter One: Date Night

Danica was super excited. She and Jove were in love. Every so often, he’d plan a date night to spend quality time together. Of course, time stood still where they were, But the sentiment was all that mattered. You may think that’s romantic, but, it’s quite literal. You see, Danica was a Fate. A being of immortality, able to shape people’s lives with a needle and thread. However, most days, she found that her fate was at the mercy of the sun. You see, Danica was a mystery in herself. It seems the universe created her as a force that made humans wonder what exactly they were looking up at. She was a star. A dot in the sky. The dot that captured people’s hopes and dreams, their wonder and curiosity. She often believed that she was somehow linked to other sources of prophetic power like the three Fates and that maybe she had assumed the state of a star- fitting to herself- to stay hidden. For she was the fourth Fate. Long forgotten and easily so. But her powers lay beyond those of her sisters. They were indescribable, even to her. Maybe that’s why the evening star holds such wonder even today. It embodies what could happen- possibilities, wishes, and all the magic that comes with them. A power so great but alleged; it leaves even its beholder in a daze.

But that was the only extent to which Danica could comprehend her existence. She still had a lot of questions about herself that were unanswered. All she knew for sure was that she was a creature of magic. A child of the night. She shone the brightest in the sky, unaware of herself.

Jove on the other hand was quite the hunk. He had a perfect tan with deep brown hair and eyes that looked like sand coloured marbles. There were so many shades of brown in them that sometimes-reminded Danica of a barren planet. A very hot barren planet. 

For this date though, Danica thought The whole ‘star of wonder’ thing was getting rather dull. Of course, she loved it, but this date night, she wanted to be pretty. She wanted to wear a dress and jewellery and other stuff like that. So, she gave herself a slender body, with long dark flowing hair and a sweet little black dress. Her hair was a little shimmery because of the stardust and her dress had a dark blue hue to it, but she was running late. She couldn’t fix it.  She zoomed on over to Jove’s. As she was approaching his orbit, she saw him and Chandrika Hilal making out in broad daylight. It wasn’t even four lunar phases since they started going out and there he was smooching someone else. She didn’t bother about the date after that. She went up to Chandrika and Jove, far enough to glare but close enough for them to notice. Her pale-yellow eyes had lost their kind glisten and were now blazing a dangerous white inferno. She then dissipated, but the impression of her rage was embedded in the stars, left to glare at the two newfound lovers, whose lips were now quivering. Hell, truly hath no fury as a woman scorned. Much less an all-powerful celestial woman.

Written for Themed Monthly Contest in March 2021: Outer Space.

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