Eight vertices of my heart

When I’m hurt I look for a reason, something inside me,
Thus, I travel down my heart to find, for a lock and its key
I see the first vertex, a deep ocean edged with rocks,
Its waves, smashing across the shore, rising recklessly.

Soul, therefore it is, trying to cross through the binds.
It is not here that I see my guilt and liability
I move on to the next one, a plain grass expanse purely moonlit,
My simplicity, my serenity through this shall I meet

I search further, a corner shows crumbling structures and grief,
they are but my fears, of falling, of failing and a broken leaf.

It is from a tree of memories, of life I have begun to greet
the reason behind my present calamity I cannot yet see

I come across another vertex, watching a clown and a circus
Joy and a content of life, full of brightness, I see thus.

Another corner shows me a group of people, a crowd alike.
Those who have turned my life, some for good, some not,
In their faces I see the person I have become, and so I look further.

For another vertex shows me a child, cheerful enough and carefree
The strange nature to see happiness in utmost little things he is
Further I am greeted by stark darkness disturbed, only to show
A hooded figure, slit at places, holding a sword, and frightful.

Anger about something, an incident or a person, not letting go?
I fail to pinpoint the root of agony as I stare at the last one.

A closed door, heavily chained, for it has all the pain of my life.
Of terrible mistakes and unfair incidents, of lost love.
Of specific worrisome blues, of unspoken stigma and of the lost sun.

Shall I unlock this door, free my demons
For may be I can find the reason I look for,
The one I never opened, never did I mind
Only for this time, a stare at the door, with withering hope I stay.

Copyright/Author: Siddharth Naidu
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