Fair Wounds – Brave Swords

“…You have lost your prince. He fought bravely, and you hold testimony to his courage. But his head rolls on the bloodied ground. He therefore will no longer win you this war. You my brothers, will. I hear your heart mumble a question. Question that holds in itself power to destroy every one of us.  What am I asking of you? And who am I to ask you for anything?  I’m your aging Emperor, yes. But then life is more glorious and death more devastating. So why do I matter for either. I have brought to this kingdom another man’s wife. A king without a throne they say. In that moment of immoral agony, I committed a sin. Am I a wounded mortal as a result. Maybe, I am. The invincible warrior in me, can thus be defeated. That woman, the one who was born out of the earthly womb, brought ages of doom and death. I will not, even for a moment, deny that. But tell me , my brothers, what would you have done?. How would you look at your own self every moment and be reminded of an image of your princess, with her face mutilated, her lips eaten off, and she barely left alive. How would you respond to the agony of killing her off with your own sword, out of love. She was my sister. And maybe therefore this is my war and mine alone. But tell me my brothers, was she nothing to you? You are all brave men, my comrades, and let no God question that. What good is courage then? If we cannot clear our conscience of this stain. That is what I am. An answer to your wordless  question.

A man fighting to be brave and not wounded. To be alive and not dead. To kill and not be killed. To stand for what is true, even if it is not fair. To be a story that would resonate through the ages, a hateful one as it may, but still a great one. Even if one strand of your existence heeds fair to what I did or am about to do, walk with me. Beyond the gates and towards the horde of barbarians. Let the swords that you have, stand for something. Brothers, fight for justice. For our lives. Not for me. Not for any thing else. There shall be a moment in your heart which will tell you what you are. My  Brothers, fight to protect that moment. For that moment will defy destiny. And it will define you. Draw your swords.
Open the gates.”


Premise: In the war of Lanka, Meghanath, the brave son of Ravana, has been killed. He is beheaded by an Arrow of Lakshmana, and in those gruesome horrific moments, the undefeated army of Ravan, face the first chill of defeat… It is then when the ten headed Emperor, walks out to them, and tell them..


Copyright/Author: Siddharth Naidu

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