” Were you with sleeping her…? ” she said furiously, clinching her fists and pursing her lips. Her hair looked wet. The rain, of course. Unprecedented unapologetic rain.
” Whaat….? ” he asked shaking his head and trying to instantly wake up. Sleepily comprehending the jumbled statement.
” Don’t play around! I dare you! ” she said throwing the pillow at his face with all her might. He should’ve bought her those fluffy pillows, cause this one hit his nose with full impact. His mind surged with complex emotions and memories.A distant calling of Go Pikachu I choose you, some random Bon Jovi singles, a million code lines of python program, all swung about in total chaos. In all of it, he could see an other pillow being hurled at him. Incoming! He ducked in time.
” What did I do, hon?” He asked rolling out of the bed
” Don’t call me that. Just answer me! ” she said trembling in rage
” Ohk… I… What did you ask me? ”
” Were you sleeping with her? ”

” Oh, that. I guess I heard it differently ” he said, quickly realising his mistake as he saw her reaching for her bag. ” I mean no! No! Definitely No! I never slept with, whoever that you think I did  ”
” Don’t you lie to me, I’m telling you !” she flung the tote bag at him. He was prepared this time and jumped aside hitting his toe to the bed in the process.
” Ahh, I’m not lying. I was with no one else. You gotta believe me, hon. Sorry sorry, no hon ” he saw her momentarily chuckle. That was his window. He cautiously took a couple of steps towards her.

” Don’t come near!! ” she said picking up the flower vase this time. Made of steel, the flower vase would settle the fight then and there. It would hurt him, but then it would be well worth it. ” I cannot lie to you, even if I wanted to, Neha !!” he stepped forward. She gripped onto the flower vase, glowering in anger. He couldn’t run away from her. That much he knew. He walked straight to her. She lifted the vase, but stopped mid-air, as he stood there with just a smile on his face. The smile that she knew could only be true. She dropped the vase, and tears flowed down her cheeks. He hugged her like he had a million times before. Never letting go. Her lips parted into a tired smile, as he pleasantly ruffled her hair.

” Let’s go out, no? ” she said looking up into his eyes. Him being half a foot taller than her always worked great for her. She could hear his heartbeat whenever she leaned on his chest. That was her world.
” Cool. Biryani? ” he said still hugging her. He couldn’t let go. And for some reason, she wouldn’t.
” Bengali Thali , how about that? ”
” Do they have that? For real? ”
” Of course they have that… There’s this place in Jubilee hills. Come on let’s dress up. I’ll take a wash. And for heaven’s sake, please don’t wear that blue jeans!!”

She said parting just as suddenly, swiftly collected her things and dashed into the washroom. He stood there for a moment and started dressing up.
He calmly picked up the vase and the tote bag from the floor. She was too excited to bother picking them up. No harm done. And wore the blue jeans. A few moments later she walked out of the washroom, her hair wet and messy for the second time in as many hours. She wore her night dress, the pink T-shirt and polka dotted pyjamas that she’d bought  from Amazon.

” Are you going somewhere? ” she asked as she took a chair, drying her hair with the towel.
” Yeah, wanted to get something to eat. You want anything? ” he asked, pulling out his shoes from under the bed.
” Well, you know me. Biryani any day. Why I actually will make dinner for us, if that’s OK? ” she said and got up. She looked at the messy bed before her and started spreading the sheets. She picked up the pillows and placed them on the bed. She smiled back at him, probably remembering their quick make out session a few hours earlier. She turned from him and shyly started walking into the kitchen.
” Actually Neha. I’m in the mood for some Bengali food. How about I order a Bengali thaali ?”

He asked her feeling unsure of himself. She would reject it perhaps. But a part of him liked to believe that she would be the accommodating woman that he hugged few moments earlier. Practicality asked him to accept the situation. He had to try for her sake. He had moved in a year ago, with two women who resided in the same body. What favored him was that, they shared the same heart. Water made one of them to leave and allowed another to arrive. He saw  the two women, caring for him in their own strange way. And he loved them both, more than either of them.

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