Joker's Day

Batman and Joker have a conversation in hell.

‌J : I did not get expect you of all people to be here. The protector of Gotham.

‌B: I did want to chase you to the depths of hell. Looks like my wish has been granted.

‌J: Tell me, have you met your parents yet ?

‌B: Even here, you just can’t resist poking at me can you ?

‌B: Are you afraid ?

‌J: You tell me. Should I be ?

‌B: Oh Yes. You should be.

‌J: Am not scared of you bat freak !!

‌B: Oh not of me. No… You see there over in the distance. The devil’s helper torturing the poor sod. Molten iron in the mouth and all ?

‌J : Yes…

‌B: And all he did was kill a man in self-defense.

‌J: I can’t even wait to imagine what they will do with you.

‌The devil enters the conversation.

‌D: Well well well… What have we got here. The crazy psycho and the Batman.

‌J: Ahhh I presume that you are the devil. It looks like we might get along..

‌B: If you are the devil, then I seek justice.

‌D: Yeah yeah, all that’s fine. But you even this place needs talented people. We don’t get the best of the lot down here you know…

‌The devil is sizing Batman and joker up.

‌D: All right, you there. The one with the funny face paint and deformed mouth. Take this pitchfork and get started !!

‌J: You want me to torture them ? So I’ve been offered a job ??

‌D: I guess so.

‌J: You know, if you give me 2 pitchforks, I could do this faster.

‌D: Keep that up and you are on track for the employee of the month award.

‌Batman is looking at the both of them with a horrified expression.

‌D: Bruce, am not sure how you landed up here. Am sure there must be a mistake. Those damn fools at the human routing center can’t even do their jobs properly.

‌B: What ?

‌D: Yeah. Let me fix this. I’ve just got the perfect incantation.

‌B: Wait… !! I’ve yet to stop joker. I am the darkness !!

‌D:No. I am the darkness. You are a spoilt kid with a hero complex and a morbid obsession with bats. The joker is no longer your concern.

‌The devil snaps his fingers and Batman vanishes.


– C.V. Raman

Read more of his works in our book – ‘Of Blood and Ink’

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