Mario takes a walk!

There once was a kingdom, Brown, Green and Blue

Inhabited by mushrooms, turtles and plumbers, to name a few

Castles, Trees and Pipes detailed in all its 8 Bits

Complete with man-eating plants, and bottomless Pits

Every one day an itsy-bitsy plumber went up the water spout

And boinked away the turtles & mushrooms as soon as he was out

For days the plumber risked all to save the kingdom’s oft-abducted princess

Dungeons and dragons and limited time, lousy player 1 would put anybody in distress

Such was his frustration of all that he didn’t like

He stomped all the mushrooms & went on a strike

The adventure, not started, was all but over

Who does this plumber think he is, messing with me the owner?

I summoned the plumber & gave him the talk

Now I’m stuck with Luigi cuz Mario decided to walk

Author: Sumant Agnihotri

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