Meetup 001

On a lazy Saturday afternoon during the mid-summer, April 11th 2015, we begin our journey to being lost in a world of imagination. LaMakaan, a wonderful place for creativity to foster, hosted us 11 writers to explore our innate abilities.

Being the first one on the menu, the meetup majorly comprised of free writing over topics and focal ideas. Following a brief lecture on the entire premise of Write Club, all us writers got down to opening our think-boxes and wrote stories and musings of everything and nothing!

Warm up – Firsts

The warm up exercise was to write a small piece about a ‘first’. It could be an account of your first bicycle ride, your first birthday present, your first salary, your first date, or anything of the sort. The human mind is hardwired to remember the first of everything, and most of us have vivid memories of our ‘firsts’ – whether good or bad. The idea was to dig deep into the brain and search through the stack of a first and write on that!

Exercise :

The purpose of this exercise was to write story, poem or mood piece with the prompt as a part of the piece.

Prompt 1 : “And it will be the death of me.”

Prompt 2 : “A piercing joy, that left me silent, conquered and empty.”

Prompt 3 : “There are fires, vast and endless, burning in me for..”

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And, the responses for both the exercises was fiercely overwhelming and even to say that would be an understatement. Shazia’s dark rendition of a first chronic illness, the nostalgia brought in by Manikanth, Arunlekha’s captivating stories, Peeyush’s poetic musings, Deepak’s insightful ideas and poem, Rajat’s humorous viewpoint on arranged marriages, Rosaline’s short piece on a dramatic walkout, Krishanth’s little solo expedition, Karthik’s verbose musings or Sikta’s rather relative journals.. All of these just went on to add to splendor of the evening! It was a lovely time, indeed!