Meetup 002 : Character Description

Without anyone jinxing the sequence, here we are, on our journey to a successful second meetup. It’s too early to be talking of consistencies and so, here I go straight to the point.

Our topic of the day : Character Description

How often does the character in a book you read, compel you to adapt on it? Did you ever wonder, what makes the character so compelling at all? When a character appears in the mind’s eye fully formed, the reality is that for most of us, this is a rare occurrence.Let’s rediscover the art of characterization through writing, this Saturday!


Warm Up Exercise:

Select any object around you and write about it. A little warm up to get our blocks thinking. Roughly ten lines, would do and you’re free to explore the sun, the earth and beyond for your idea of an object!

Exercise 1:

Write a small piece that introduces your character. Use description, props, wardrobe and dialogue that give your character a unique voice.

Pick any of the three prompts for character generation and develop your character.

  1. A daring 39 year-old woman, who comes from a wealthy background, lives in an eco-friendly home and tends to work too hard.
  2. An imaginative 19 year-old woman, who comes from a comfortable background, lives in a houseboat and tends to be over-generous.
  3. A jealous 38 year-old man, who comes from a wealthy background, lives in a country cottage and tends to be a bit forgetful.

IMG_20150418_183145 IMG_20150418_183159

We had lovely pieces that came up. Shazia’s piece on a love triangle with a “floutist”, Siya and Ratnakar’s Chai-Sutta Chronicles by Arunlekha, Chandu’s story on the monk who renounces her beauty, Abraham’s beautiful rendition on the happy life of a girl in a houseboat, Suveer’s sketch on the cheerful gardener.

What else did we need for a lovely Saturday evening. 🙂

P.S: Find the full material here: WC-Meetup-002