Meetup 003 : Character Motivation

Alright there, people! Three’s the charm, this week. Lots of good stuff happening around. Lots to do, lots to share, lots to write.

This week was a wonderful, wonderful meetup! The trees, the cloudy sky, the rocks, the open air, the merciful sun and even the irritating flies played and sang along to our inspiration. Among all the factors that drove us to the utopia of words, lets give it up for our host this week, Shazia Ahmad, people! The ever-bubbly, smooth talker nailed the meetup with a consequential yet effective topic.

“Character Motivation”

A story is bound to flat if the motivation isn’t driving the plot forward. What are believable motivations? How do writers weave in a character’s motivation into the story?

So we had a quite informative discourse on the topic by the hostess herself, which started off with the seven possible character motivations in fiction, as defined by bestselling author Dean Koontz. Read more on the material attached.

Please find the material here: Character Motivation


Write a motivation for the character in your piece, using any of the following prompts:

  1. This is the worst thing I ever lost.
  2. The one thing I’ve never told anyone is:
  3. This is what an ordinary day looks like for me.
  4. This was the moment when everything changed.
  5. ________ was always wrong about me

Needless to say, the nature’s cues and the prompts stimulated our creativity to create exemplary works!

IMG_20150425_181324 IMG_20150425_181340

P.S: Excuse me for the bad photography, I was having a bad-phone day 😛

Santosh Mohan’s dark story on the evil, narcissistic doctor, Vinay’s imaginative poem on the Oscar-winning Indian actor, Abraham’s piece on the unprovable orphan who turned revengeful, Arunlekha’s ever-pleasing piece on the next chronicle in Siya and Ratnakar’s lives, Ashok’s piece on a life-changing phone call, “60 seconds” by Vikas, “The dual” by Krishanth, Vivek’s journal on the angst of being nice always and Karthik’s romantic rendition of a day-dream, took us into the fictional world they built.

And since Shazia was a sweet darling, to have hosted and allowed me to write this weekend, I wrote a little something too (refer to comments). Please feel free to share your works on the comments section.