Meetup 012: Sensory Perceptions.

Hello there!

Hope the week so far is treating you well. Well, we had our loveliest, sweetest, loudest and the most active members of Write Club, Shazia host a session on Sensory Perceptions last weekend. The session was amusing, challenging and brought out such wonderful colors in the outputs. We had a total of 12 people who attended the meetup and every story was scintillating.

As our entire existence relies mostly on the sensory organs, understanding the value of each sense is highly important to literature. The way senses are depicted add a hue, fragrance and appeal to any write up. In the occasion of a loss in any sense, coping up with it, temporarily or even permanently can lead to mixed emotions and vibrant write ups. The theme was exceptionally multi-directional.



Little paper slips were given to all of us and we had the choice on which one to pick and how many of them. Each one of them held a one-liner, depicting a sense. The sentence/one liner thus received was to be induced in the write-up at any position. The sense was to be portrayed as the theme of the write-up, either as a loss or as a sudden gain of the sense. However, we were restricted from using the visual sense in the form of a character description.

The exercise seems highly elaborate sophisticated, doesn’t it? But believe me, it was so much fun when in action and we at Write Club loved the novelty of the idea. The resulting write-ups were beautiful and lovely. Multi-faceted responses to each sense made our day!

Find more on the meetup here: WC-Hyd-M012

So cheers to Shazia for the wonderful session!

See you guys, next weekend, when we have more fun, more writing on another interesting theme! As always, please feel free to share your works and feedback on the theme and meetup, in the comments section.