Meetup 015: Logic Discarded. Comedy Ensued

Hello there!

Eid Mubarak, guys! 🙂

This weekend, we had one of our most exuberant and liveliest members, Abhishek Sagar host a session. And as goes his sense of humor, so went the topic – Comedy – one of the toughest elements to imbibe in writing (in my opinion). And that put us all in a pickle, at write club this week. Instigating laughter and fun in the reader, through a story, is highly important to it’s success and Abhishek, helped us pen it right there in the subtlest way!

Eid took a toll on our member count, this weekend. We missed the members who couldn’t make it, a lot more than ever. But.. But, Write Club sessions, as always, are super fun! And with the theme itself speaking for fun, we had an amazing time altogether. It was great to explore tickling comedy from the most obscure of elements and write stories pregnant with illogical conclusions.


Imagine any situation and write a story with the eye of a comedian, turning the tables to an absolutely logic-less conclusion. Any situation/setting/place would do.

Find more material on the meetup: WC-Hyd-M015

Well, I must say, it was nothing less than attending a paid stand up comedy show. We did have a lot of one liners from John, a twisted double sided story from Prithvi, a dynamic, wavering story of a man.from the host himself and finally Amit showed food to us from an honest and thereby humorous viewpoint.

So anyway, see you guys, next weekend, when we have more fun, more writing on another interesting theme! As always, please feel free to share your works and feedback on the theme and meetup, in the comments section.