Meetup 021: Characterizing Personality Patterns In Writing

Hello there!

So, here we are at that juncture of archiving our lovely meetups. Last weekend, I’d hosted a session on “Characterizing Personality Patterns In Writing”. With a researched and detailed subject, we discussed the various identities that each person could have. And the upcoming stories and write-ups were amazing and reached beyond all our expectations. More particularly, the stories were functional around the personality disorders and various clusters involving them.



The exercise was pretty simple. Pick one cluster randomly and pick out one or more identities or personality disorders from it. Write a story/piece that idolizes that very disorder as the theme of it. The genre, length and plot is at free-will of the writer.

Find more material on the meetup: WC-Hyd-M021

We had some really wonderful, yet expectantly dark stories that portrayed all the disorders in variant ways.
See you guys, next weekend, when we have more fun, more writing on another interesting theme! As always, please feel free to share your works and feedback on the theme and meetup, in the comments section