Meetup 040: Raining Gumballs and Other Bed-Time Stories, we deserve!

So last weekend, we had one of the best newbie hosts, Abhineeta. One who has been to Write Club, in the recent past would know her for being the most wonderful narrator that we ever had as a member.

The theme of the week was centered on little happy bedtime stories, that could sing to adults like lullabies. Everyone remembers having bedtime stories. A quiet night can be much more memorable with a magical tale to take you away into the night. Telling the stories can be equally fun.


We started off with a simple warm up and proceeded to a free and imaginative exercise.

Exercise 1:

I know not of many souls who have not heard this song – “Favorite Things” (Sound of Music). The exercise was simple. We were asked to rephrase the lyrics of the song with a bunch of our “Favorite Things”, and of course, sing it out!

Exercise 2:

The exercise was simple. Write a story that you would love to read to yourself, just before you sleep and comfort your buzzing head. Of course, we had the benefit of making it even more personal and unique.

And surely she has hit the bulls eye right at the first go, for having inspired to come up with the most enchanting of tale. Also, we had Neal Hall at Write Club last week, so that added all the more inspiration to us!



We had a wonderful session on writing Bed Time Stories for Adults and we did come up with quite a lot of comforting ones. Thanks to Abhineeta, for having done a fantastic job at that!

Cheers everyone! Meet you again next weekend! Stay tuned to know more on how we roll!