Last weekend, one of our most regular members, John Benedict hosted the session. For one who has been to write club, you will notice that his writing is usually simple yet sensible. It was surely an interesting meetup, this weekend!

The session focused mainly on Comic Writing and Alternative History.

The Exercise:

Exercise 1: Making comic strips out of our own fictional worlds.

Everybody loves to draw, play and use their incredible imaginations to create fantasy worlds and characters that are funny or powerful or really, really silly. A comic strip is a new way to channel that creativity—to capture it in pictures and words.

Exercise 2: Alternating historical events with ‘What-ifs’ and ‘Buts’

The past is another country — but an alternate history is a whole new world. The best alternate histories can make you see the real history of our world in a whole new way, and make you realize that events that seem like they were inevitable… may not have been.

It was fun to do stick figure drawing and absolute abstract comics like kids again. When the paradigm shifted to alternative history, needless to say, the writing and stories were exquisite. A special mention to our debut Vernacular Writer who penned an amazing shayari on the topic.