Last weekend, we had one of our sweetest regular members, Rajani making a debut with hosting. She is one of our most paramount members and has stood through all the seasons of Write Club, so far. Her writing is simpleton yet scintillating.

Rajani hosted a wonderfully dreamy session. The session revolved around spinning a fantasy in the most fabulous ways possible.

The Exercise:

Spin a tale of fantasy fiction using every element that comes to the otherwise unused imagination.

Fantasy is generally distinguished from the genres of science fiction and horror by the expectation that it steers clear of scientific and macabre themes, respectively, though there is a great deal of overlap between the three, all of which are subgenres of speculative fiction.In popular culture, this prolific genre is predominantly of the medievalist form. In its broadest sense, however, fantasy comprises works by many writers, artists, filmmakers, and musicians from ancient myths and legends to many recent and popular works.

It was so much fun to have let our imaginations roar so wild and write such amazing tales. The stories that resulted left us speechless, asking for more. Cheers to Rajani for such an impactful session!