Last weekend, we had one of our most focused writers, Siddharth hosting a session. And just as part of that, we explored a new genre altogether.

Yes, we did have the initial glitch of what to do – when the electricity department bailed on us at Houz. But as always, we made through that! We had a good samaritan writer, Nirbhay, who gladly hosted us at his wonderful place. Thanks be to him !! 🙂

Well, the session started off with a bang. For the first time ever, we did flash writing, standing on our toes – quite literally. And then we proceeded towards building a full-on dystopian world.

The Exercises:

Warm up: Stand up! Timed at 15 minutes! Describe an event! Write while you stand!

The Exercise: 

Step One :  Pick An Occurrence which had happened at some point in the history/ or is happening presently. Now our session begins with a premise that this event is going to happen again in 3037 AD. You as a writer know the consequences of the incident, and therefore are equipped enough to tweak it/change it/defy it etc.., and eventuate a different possibility.

Step Two : Elemental Writing – Here, we need to accommodate various world factors which weren’t present at the original occurrence of the selected event. The factors to be dealt with are as follows..

  1. It is 3037 AD and Earth has just barely managed to survived a nuclear holocaust leaving 10 to 20% of population alive. That has resulted in a incredible change in their psyche like never before. Simply Put, They Do Not Think Straight.
  2. The Holocaust has left in it’s wake a poisonous environment. Every moment beyond a shelter/containment/campsite is dependent on only hour of O2 supply. Hence use your time carefully
  3. The Holocaust has fried up the language skills of present populace and there exists no common tongue.

Your Mission Should You Choose To Accept It, Is To Alter The Event By Including Above Factors, And By Any Means Necessary.

Find more on this here: WC Meetup 057

Well, what can I say, the day was just wonderful because we had such good write ups read out to us! Thanks to Siddharth for having churned out such a wonderful session and presenting us with an opportunity to explore the after-death.