Meetup 058: Thoughts and Plots

So for some glitches and reasons we had to skip write club for a week. With that noted, last weekend, our cool writer Prithvi made sure that we did have a bang-comeback session after the unprecedented break. Prithvi made sure that the session pivoted mostly on the plot – the most important part of any story.

Plot is a series of linked events that build tension until they reach “a  point of ” resolution. A plot must be characterized by logic than coincidence. Build your character in such a way that what is happening is inevitable. If that did not happen – If she did not come in his life – these do not make a great plot. A very common mistake – To create an intricate and sound plot and then shove it down the characters throat. A plot that has no allegiance with the character, however solid, would lack substance.

The Exercise:

Present to us a plot, that may not necessarily be closed-ended, from the perspective of the lead character.

  • Let the characters lead the way.
  • Avoid the slice of life mistake – Writing about his morning, evening and night.
  • Think of the reader hiking up a mountain – that is your story.
  • And every piece of information is a rock that you are asking the reader to put in his back pack.
  • And upon reaching the end of a story, when they start unpacking and if they feel that they shouldered the weight unnecessarily.
  • The story has failed.


When creative freedom is vested in its rightmost sense, that works wonders. And so, the write-ups and stories that came up were varied in the true, dreamy and wonderful ways that they always come out to be. The writers, as always, outdid themselves and made the session more than spectacular. Thanks to Prithvi, for bringing us to an amazing session! 🙂