Well, it’s always worth considering simple inertia when it comes to trends. In other words, while there must have been some reason why Tolkien (or whoever started the trend) started it, the reason it’s ongoing may simply be the fact that it is a trend.

In other words, people who wind up writing fantasy grew up reading it, and most of what they read was Tolkienesque. So now, as writers, that’s what they want to write — because it’s what was cool to them when they were younger. If Tolkien had set his world in a faux Ancient Roman world, perhaps most fantasy writers today would do likewise.

The Middle Ages gives writers a lot of wiggle room. Laws existed, but there was a lot of anarchy, too. You can write a story about a peasant or knight who pledges fealty to his lord. You can also write a story about a thief who slips between society’s cracks.

And so, this Saturday, we worked on creating a lovely medieval setting with magic, pomp, a gray villain and a wonderful plot line. Thanks to Ashwin, who helped us steer in this direction all through!

The Exercise:

Pen a write-up that includes all the below elements:

  1. An extremely gray character – preferably the antagonist
  2. A medieval setting, primarily focused on monarchical designs.
  3. Magical elements all the way.
  4. A plot with a twist!


Well, the stories were truly spectacular. We heard them all, from Dracula to Folk-lores, we mean them all! Thanks Ashwin for a great session!

Toodles until next session 🙂