After a long while, we had our most favorited writers host a session. Shazia brings with her the most challenging of themes, as always! The idea is not too hard to perceive but believe us, when we say this, put things pen to paper – by far the most struggle we’ve ever had!

First, get the brain out of boredom! 

Exercise 1:

First off, take a paper and pen, roll out the most random doodles you can come with! Doodle away for the next 10 minutes, or even longer, until you get bored to your wits! 🙂

Exercise 2:

This is a bit elaborate, so you might wanna grab a memory pen!

  1. Write down your most favorite and the least favorite genre.
    (favorited by comfort and ease in writing)
  2. Exchange your most favorites with the person opposite you.
  3. Now club your least favorite with the genre received!

Eg: You receive Romance and your least favorite is Comedy – You have to write a Rom-com.

Well, we have had some really absurd combinations and yet wrote AMAZING stuff! Some examples of mix-match genres for reference:

  1. Poetry with Horror
  2. Self-help with Comedy
  3. Sci-fi with Spirituality
  4. Poetry with Murder mystery

…and so many more weird combos!

Go on, give some a try and let us know what you write!

See you next week, maybe?