Meetup 082: Expanse Part 2

The story continues…

At WC, this is perhaps the rarest statement to ever have been used. The story that we’ve written in the last session, continues to grow seeking greater heights. Last week, in Episode One of Expanse event, we created worlds basing on some really challenging pursuits. We had worlds which were created by Goddesses, which were frequented by time travellers, escaped by shady convicts, defined by mysteries of unnatural happenings, and so. Our minds went on to create gripping characters and premises, pulling us into storylines which were haunting and beautiful at the same time.

Now with Episode Two, we made these stories into legendary tales. We have our world, now we lived in them. 

1. It is easier to create the world outside. But what happens when you start to build the world in the widest of arena(s). Your mind. How different or similar would it be to the one you inhabit.
2. Loss and grief can change everything in a man. Push anyone to his moral limit and he is bound to make a grave mistake. A mistake which will need a sacrifice.
3. In the darkest corners of your mind, lay the most terrible secrets. Are you ready to reveal them in the world you’ve created?
4. A tale which will free you and make you wonder why you were bound in the first place. But then, can you see everything. Even that what you aren’t supposed to.

Learn more on the session here: WC Meetup 082

There we go at the penultimate session for our extremely scintillating attempts of creating a novel all by ourselves! See you next weekend, creativeheads!