Meetup 85: Choices and Alternate Reality

Any writer conjures up from scratch every detail of a world: geography, history, language, lore, characters, social customs, politics, religion, etc.

Understandably, the thought of creating all these elements to form an entire fictional world can be very daunting – and deciding where to start can seem almost impossible!

Last weekend, we had one of our regular members, Hiranmayee hosting a session on ‘Choices and Alternate Reality’ in writing.

The challenging theme of an alternate reality and the constraints added to it made an unusual starting block. Instead of going into the fantasy world which is probably the intention, it became a method to connect with others’ perspective of self and building characters that are true to others.

Learn more on the meetup here: WC Meetup 85

Thank you, Hiranmayee for doing such a wonderful job and making bring out our masterpieces.