Meetup 87: Whims of Time

We humans though, got a little lucky with the whole evolution thing. We have been able to develop a brain much superior to those of our animal counterparts and hence more responsive to the occurrences in the space we exist in.

Humans have not only found ways to quantify time but have also been able to treat time in a very subjective sense, a sense of becoming or evolving. This subjectivity in thought allows us to come up with new interpretations. These interpretations can lead to us further defining the idea of time or make us explore, in different ways, the existing idea of a past, a present and a future. Every thought we have, every story we hear is an interpretation of the idea that there was a past, there is a present and there will be a future.

Last weekend, we had one of our regular members Paarth hosting a session on Whims of Time

Too many people like playing with time, we understand. And they are all creative and merciless with it. This session gave me some nice ideas for all of the writers in our head to play with.

Learn more on the meetup here: Description and Exercises

Thank you, Paarth for doing such a lovely job and making us write so well!