Meetup 88: Tighten the Tension

Update: Every Last Saturday of the month, starting this weekend, the Saturday General Meetup is hosted at Phoenix Arena, Hitech City.

“Your work is lacking tension.”

“My mind kept wandering while I was reading.”

“This chapter is missing a hook … I’m just not interested.”


Last weekend, we had a session on Tightening the Tension

You might have received this or similar feedback from your writing buddy, critique group, or even an agent or editor … but what do you do now? It’s easy to recognize tension in the works of others—reading leaves you feeling excited, even breathless—but how do you weave it into your own pages?

Learn more on the meetup here: WC Meetup 88 & Recommended Reading

It was a gripping session for all of us to write on building the suspense, mystery and tension. The write-ups were scintillating to read.