Of Blood and Ink (Anthology Book 1), 2016

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‘Of Blood and Ink’ is a compilation of ten exciting, and diverse short stories of people and places bound together by the spills of destiny. The anthology speaks of the mind-numbing pathos of fictional characters who have drowned deep in the valleys of blood and ink.

A magician, a writer and a lover engulfed in the pathos of destiny. A working woman trapped in the dilemma of a choice. A programmer discovering elements unknown. An escape from the chords of a bully. A book and its journey closetted in the pages of many lives. A woman who discovers the goodness of the world. A pick-pocket who gets stuck in the spiral of a vicious trap. A little girl, discovering her life, all at one go. A regular political contender with a twisted plan. A dog, a couple and a vacation that changes everything!

Each story in the book speaks of the journey of a life (or lives) in the most distinctly amazing ways possible. Each story is a short novel in itself. Each story is distinct, spell-binding and page-turning in its own sweet way. And each story is connected to another by the integral obsessive elements – Blood and Ink. All the authors of the book are bound to each other not just in the conundrum of friendship but also as a group that gets together every weekend and says ‘Let’s write now, shall we?’.


  1. Arunlekha Sengupta
  2. Prithvi Raj
  3. SAK
  4. Sravanthi Talluri
  5. Rajani Mohan
  6. Aravind Sashank
  7. Chandrasekhar Venkatraman
  8. John Benedict
  9. Meghavarshini Krishnaswamy
  10. Siddharth Naidu


  • Saba Bashir
  • Easanya Naidu
  • Neelanjana Shakya
  • Meghaa Sharma and Nitya Lakkaraju
  • Susan Sreemala

Cover design: Apuroopa Reddy

First Published in 2016: Write Club, Hyderabad
Printed and bound: The Blue Stencil, Hyderabad

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