Once upon a time… was a kid named Rudy

Once upon a time… was a kid named Rudy

He used to gobble anything curious,
It used to make Rudy’s mom furious

He munched on lots & lots of foodies,
then he used to make stinky doodies

Once he ran so far from home,
he lost his way the more he roamed

He jumped and ducked & crawled and swam
Till he reached a shop called Jam’s

It was bright and blue and looked so grand
TIll he was pulled in by a scary hand

He yelled and shrieked like a kid he was,
Till he saw it was his Uncle Ross

He jumped with joy and hugged him hard,
Then he told his uncle that he was lost

Uncle Ross smiled and said,
Wake up Rudy, you’re still in your bed!

Author: Aditya Bhargav

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