Poems Outside the Window by Preethi Thota

For always with the Roaming heart,

Much is seen and much is unknown,

The unfinished way of,

Buildings and shops,

Buildings and shops,

Run in Blur.

Cities of Men!

The Road is long and long,

And with the madness and noises,

The air of cigar and clouds of smoke,

The never ending smoke of vehicles,

Crowds of people with no expression

On faces,

Cities of Men, troubles my sight,

A waste  of desert sand are they,

The darkness drops again,

But I know this either does any good,

 I shut my Window, for does the cities doesn’t do any good,

A Vision outside the Windows in cities

Deprives me!

The wind rises in the midnight it thrusts away the candle light spreading the darkness,

The air catches my hand pulls me down the sheets and down  the bed,

It carries me carefully down the room, away from the house,

I float in this wind,

The wind roaring through the  branches and the tree tops are swaying to and fro

There are the blades of wheat leaning under the wind,

The ripple and splash of rain on the blurred glass, stricken and beaten down chrysanthemums,

I walk miles and miles along the fields with the sweet fragrance of earth’s rich soil,

Water floating in the downstream as usual

Perhaps it might slipped through the tombstones,

Water currents composing a music  while the Moon saying it’s fairytale to the woods,

The innocent squirrels and birds nested themselves safe in the nests,

The calves and lambs  are safely sleeping besides the mother’s warmth,

The moonlight shallowed and the darkness blankets the river,

I run along the garden of flowers consuming the air

I found some kind of medicine in this green fields I could simply stand and consume it untill my ailments are cured,

The wind started to push me against me

It’s shrieking and shouting,

When the morning came

Alas! It left me here , here on this deteriorated bed and isolated room

 This square squat room drains my soul,

 I rushed towards the window and opened it,

 The cloudless deep blue sky looked down where the wind drived every cloud deeply,

 The early light bathed the mountains with its grace,

 The tiny flowers tilted their heads joyously with the direction of wind!

 The sight to my eyes rose the life in my soul,

 The life outside the window gave me the hope of living,

 The vision from my window saved a different perspective for my life.

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