The Quest for Vajra : Schools Rock

Look ,I’m a really bad writer.Pens are really not my skills.I do other things.
My name is Jay. You may call me J. Life really gets boring in School. I find it difficult to read. Friends don’t come easy to me. But, I manage to get along with one or two guys on good days.
The bad days are really bad. We had this witch in our class. I really mean a witch. I did not know it then. She is always on my case.

J, Your shirt is not tucked.
J Your homework is not ready.
J Get out of my class.
J Go to detention.

I guess you get the picture. Miss Dakshita was a really difficult lady[ahem, witch]. The only man , I like is our Maths teacher. He is a dude. His blue Jeans with metal buttons embroidered and cool light blue shades would make him a movie star, but, he kicks serious ass in class.

Also, he doubles up as our PT coach. That’s were I have fun.

Fabulous secret powers were revealed to me , the day I held aloft my magic sword and said,”By the power of grey skull”.

It didnt happen that way. :).
But, something did happen in our PT class. VOlleyball is a simple but effective sport. I mean, how difficult can it be to have the ball on the other side of the net. Just dont let it touch the ground. Why the hell would I need 3 chances? To smash the opponent beyond the net.
Vikrant is a bully, plain and stupid. He is a Hulk who just pounds. Volleyball is when I get my revenge , legally and without risk.
After a series of 3-4 smashes, he just went crazy. He crossed the net on this side. I held my ground. Only when  he touched my collar, did I raise my hands. Yet, I was not nasty. I just caught his hand which was pulling at my collar. (Bet you’d have done the same in my place) He had this annoying sneer and did not look like he would withdraw. I held him tighter. A large drop fell upon his hand. Rain on a sunny day? I still had to get Vikrant off me before I could bother about getting drenched. Vikrant’s smile faded.
Lightning flashed and he paled. The thunder that followed was sufficient for him to withdraw in a hurry. The other kids scurried back towards shelter. Finally I could turn away from Vikrant as he backed faltering. I looked at the sky. I was angry, angrier than I ever was. Another lightning struck. The thunder sounded as loud as it would if a missile struck your backyard. I found myself shaking. Was I scared? Was I still angry? Vikrant was nowhere to be seen.
“J!!” I heard his voice as he pulled me back towards the school.
“Professor K?” I did have the privilege of calling him that way. His name sounded too boring. That for the moment was not the worry. But the way he dragged me off the ground to that “never opened in the history of the school” room as if I had killed someone! it did bother me.

No, that wasn’t the end. He had this look like I had brought the world to its end. “I’ve been trying to train you to control yourself, but, i guess it’s too late now”. Prof, I just held his hand.
“No, you were angry.”

What else was I supposed to be? I raised my brow and stared at him. The question did not need to be asked. He gazed back at me. The sternness turned into something else and for a moment I thought he was pleading. I had enough of that and just wanted to head home. This was just a bad day. I got myself to say what I knew I need not have to.

“Sorry Prof”
“J, you have no idea what you have brought upon yourself!”
“It is just Vikrant!” But it did not look like K was bothered as much about Vikrant as he was about me.
“You caused the rain J!”
“Excuse me!”
“Forget that! We need to get you out of here!”

“And you need a break Professor Kaushik!” Yes I do use full names when they exasperate me, or you can say when I don’t find them all that cool anymore. “ I am going home.”

Yes, I had had enough. Some hot chocolate would do me good. I picked my bag and walked out. He did not follow me back. Good for both of us! I really liked this guy and could not bear him acting like he’d gone nuts.

Cycling back home was a pleasant thing. The road was skiddy after the rain that I had caused. Hey, kidding! And this had to happen. There is this downslope where I just loved to let go of the handle and swoop down and as I did that the streetlights switched off! The bike went into a puddle (bad road!) and there I fell off the thing! This was not all. A light blinded me and then the sound.

A truck!Speeding down the road! fast enough to run over me!
“Watch out!! You creep!” I had sprained my ankle.

The damned rain again! Then the lightning! It all happened at a time! The thunder! The truck sped down making me feel I only had a couple of moments to live. And He overtook the truck like they do in those movies. The bike he rode looked like he had borrowed it from the batman! He reached out and pulled me onto it.

No, he pulled me rather into it! By the Hammer of Thor! A convertible and something too cool to be found in India. In fact, too cool to be real!
Now that it was a complete car, he took off his helmet.

“I must be sick! or this is a damned nightmare! you Proffesor Kaushik!”
“I like it more when you call me K!”
I glanced back. The truck was speeding behind us. I saw sideways. We were speeding like we would in a race. No damn truck can beat that! Still this Effing thing had not lost us!

“Hold this J” K took my hand to hand me the steering… ufff let us call it the navigator! “You would be able to make it!”

“What? Do I drive this thing home?”
“I’d need to stop the truck J! He is coming for you!”
“And yes, you would be driving it not to your home but to HOME!”
“Yes, just tell me what I need to hear. I am an alien left on earth?”
“No, you are the son of a God!”
“K, I dont find that funny!”
“Truth isn’t fun, Son! And do give the girl and her brother a lift. They need to get HOME too!”

“What?” But he just opened the door and jumped off!

Two Reddish Brown eyes were looking them from behind.

Author: Umashankar Das

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