The Suit

Author: Satish Kache
Meetup – Theme/Number/Host: Randomness Redefined/#79/John


When I came to the room and saw my suit lying in front of me, I felt a chill run down my spine. But I was trained for this moment. The two men were waiting for my arrival. They greeted me by saying, “Welcome, Sir.” I nodded and felt a drop of sweat slide down my left ear, like my 4 year old daughter sliding down the slide. I know the consequences of wearing that suit, but I was the one who chose to do it.

As the two men helped me up, I put my legs through the 3 pound bottoms of the suit. As the gentle touch of the soft thermal insulators embraced me, I remembered my wife. As one of the men went to get the hanging boots, I silently murmured “It’s a long journey.” I could feel the perfect fit of the boots. The other man who apparently was a doctor, put all the tiny instruments over my chest. “They will monitor you.” He said. “I will monitor them.” I thought.

After the instruments, came the bright white top of the suit, which looked like an armour of a soldier. “This is no less than a war.” I thought. As the belt strapped tight, I could feel the hug of my mother. The gloves which were waiting on the table to be worn were picked up by one of the men. Then came another pair of instruments to be stuck on my head to monitor my brain. “You can never know my feelings.” I thought. Then came the gleaming glass head gear through which I am going to see what the world cannot see. The oxygen supply tank was then attached. As I looked at myself in the mirror, I remembered my father who taught me what education could not teach me.

The flight director in his stern voice said, “Time to go boys.”

As I looked at the letters NASA inscribed on my suit, I knew that I will never come back, because the journey to Mars is a one-way ticket.

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