1/1 is a paid mentorship program of 6 non-consecutive hours, specifically catering aspiring writers who are just starting to write.

You will be allotted a mentor, as per your customized requirements. The mentor will be hand-picked from Write Club’s Best Writers. The mentor will work with you one-on-one for 6 individual hours, through a stipulated course curriculum of writing exercises and learning – customized for your needs. 

By the end of the course, the participant would be able to write at will, freely and confidently.

This program is STRICTLY and ONLY for beginner writers, who haven’t yet sought writing as a hobby. There is no restriction on language, format or age.

If you’re a regular writer, or have been to Write Club and written at any point with us, we suggest you to try Write Club Online – our free Online Meetup Portal.

The cost of the entire program is ₹1200 only, all inclusive.

Since this engages and involves curriculum and the expertise of our best writers, our charges are non-negotiable and non-refundable.

This amount is distributed to the facilitators and the Write Club Fund.

This charge will be collected from you, only after admission.

Step 1: Click on the highlighted LINK 

Step 2: Fill the form fully. 

Step 3: Wait for our confirmation email. This would include a confirmation that you are either admitted/not admitted to the program. We do not take any more than 3 hours for processing a registration.

Our confirmation email would include the details about your mentor, a high level design of the curriculum and the mode of payment. 

Step 4: Follow instructions as per your confirmation email.

Note: Write Club Hyderabad reserves the right to admit you to the program, basis the answers and our mentors’ availability.